Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Collaborative learning with Shareboard

Shareboard is an app that allows up to four iPads on the same wireless network to share the same blank screen. Anything that one iPad user draws or adds to the screen shows up on the other iPads.

A typical problem in Algebra I is that students try to skip steps and do an entire problem in their head. A way to combat this lack of work-showing is to have pairs of students take turns writing consecutive steps of a problem on the same piece of paper. This way, students are forced to follow common process so their partner can understand what they did and what to do next.

I decided to use this same idea, except on the iPads. It worked well using shareboard. Each partner wrote in a different color, so it was very clear that they were switching off writing consecutive steps. It allowed for a more in-depth discussion about the problems, because the partners were looking at the exact same work in front of them.

I plan on using shareboard again, especially for topics where I find that students tend to not show enough work. (perhaps simplifying radicals?)

Here are some examples of the student work:

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