Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"Poster" Project - Derivative Review

Last year I did a review project where different groups of students were assigned different derivative rules to summarize and then present to the class. This year, I decided to try the same project except with students using the iPads instead of posterboard and markers. Students had the choice of using a few different apps (my opinion of the different apps to follow), and each group of three or four students got two iPads to create their summary on.

Students needed to include: (1) A description of the derivative rule, (2) An example (both graphical and algebraic), and (3) some key ideas and common mistakes associated with the rule.

Overall, the project went OK. Students were certainly excited about using the iPads to create something, although some of the applications were difficult to figure out and it took some time for students to learn how to use various apps.

Take a look at these examples:

These students did a great job of incorporating typing and the iPad's touch screen.

Some students used more than one "screen shot" for their project, like this group:

Being the first time that the students did something like this, they did a great job. The best part is that we can take their finished pictures and make them into a powerpoint presentation that students can access from our class website, so they can go back and refer to it while they study for our test on derivatives.

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